FAQ: equipotential bonding?

Does the presence of ground straps is mandatory or necessary connection between two flanges or assembly by bolts (type electroplated fasteners) is sufficient   to ensure continuity electrostatic? mechanical connection is sufficient if it is mastered (no paint process ...)


DRPCE model:
idea of ​​summary
1. Requirements of Directive 1999/92/EC.
2. Implementation.
3. Typical structure of a document relating to the protection against explosion
3.1. Descriptions of places and work sites.
3.2. Descriptions of process steps and / or activités3.3. Descriptions of substances used / safety parameters
3.4. Presentation of the results of the risk assessment
3.5. Protection measures adopted against explosions
3.6. Implementation of protective measures against explosions
3.7. Coordination of protective measures against the
3.8. Annexes to the document on protection against

FAQ ESD shoes: a puzzle

Some brands say they are ok for ESD, there may be differences between the standard and ATEX ESD depending on how it is interpreted.

Should therefore be a resistance value may direct benefit to the favorable choice of such or such brands.

FAQ : grounding in category 3? uncertainty

For certification in Category 3, the regulation simply requires an application to be provided within 15 days after application, the file is kept by the manufacturer.

This file can be called "risk analysis Atex", as its name suggests it must include risk analysis Atex equipment and prevention measures chosen to prevent potential ignition sources becoming active.

In this case, if zone 2 is only due to filling, we can guarantee the absence of Atex when you connect the earth, if a procedure is written to clarify the obligation grounding before any operation. An additional safeguard is to impose control of the atmosphere (explosimeter) ground connection before and during the filling operation.

The sparks may occur before and during the ground connection would therefore inconsequential, this means:

  • that sparks from the shocks are not taken into account, it is not necessary that the materials used are non-sparking,
  • the only requirement is to demonstrate the reliability of the ground contact, the record must include the following:
  • protection against oxidation of the contacts,
  • reliability of the spring,
  • protection from outlet when it is not connected,
  • protection grounding cable against mechanical damage,

to perform periodic audits.